Saturday, 5 November 2016


This poem was inspired by a painting by artist Arne Davidson, and friends and family with dual nationality, or simply, more than one place that's home.

Every place reverberates, resonates,
Top notes and bass notes dance in rhythm and harmony
But in isolation, unconnected , every note may strike as both false and true
When I'm here I have my song, and when I'm there another
I am more of both each time I move and less of each as I stay
The sky is not the same sky, and the air is not the same air though it blows from there to here
And the sea is not the same sea though the water is cold and wet
The air is full of one or the other
Half of me is wanting away, half of me happy to be home
The comfort is that there is always the other half waiting for me.
Out at sea I am neither , coming nor going
Close to land I'm leaving home and coming home with no contradiction,
Stepping onto dry land I'm home to one but with only the deep memory of the other

For now when the present harmony runs out a deeper rhythm keeps me moving until the new harmony is ready,

One day I will feel different again
One day the music will change forever
I don't know how much of either tune will live on and what will fade away
But that song will come from deeper within, it's always been playing and one day I will hear it clearly,