Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Descent

Sometimes you crash, and you have to live only in the present for a while.

The Descent

Loosely sliding,
and faster
gravity tips
into darkness

rewind the news
reel me out
but unravelling
the return eclipsed

from charcoal light to ink
all I have is what I believe
drowning in the dark
sobbing echoes
in isolation
held together
with invisible cords

some lift
some release
feet touch
hesitant surface
bones take weight
ahead gloom
no longer pitched
wary stumble
past shadows
twilit cavern
and out into the night sky

The distant moon and a handful of stars
half light the way
rest a while
then ascend
with celestial guides
an imprint of fear remains
faithlessness exposed

a hard path leads up
from the valley of the shadow
easing, in your lightening dawn
knowing I had not been alone