Thursday, 2 July 2020

Blood is Red

Red blood
Dark skin

Light skin
Blue shirt

  beaten Black and Blue
Red dries Black

  took a knee in Red and Gold
to Outcry

Blue shirt
knee to neck
  to Ash
finally, Outcry 

children open your eyes
the grown-ups cannot explain
how accidents of birth
determine your worth

history has polarised
the beauty in our spectrum
and weak men do drive a wedge
of hatred born in fear

Blood is Red
tears are Clear 
in all God's children
a spectrum, a graduation
not Black and White,
nor Redskinned, nor Yellow
one race, one adam
revealed in many cultures, many traditions

but history is angry with injustice
awake to the heritage of privilege 
all slaves to legacy 
built on sin 
that chokes futures

Blood is Red
and washes pure
save us from our sins


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  1. Red and Gold, refers to the uniform of the San Francisco 49ers, and their quaterback Colin Kaepernick.


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