Thursday, 2 July 2020

The difference between men and women - Shoes

A light hearted poem about shoes (and stereotypes that might be true)

The difference between men and women - Shoes

Men have
A smart pair, and casual pair
a work pair, and a pair for the garden
Plus wellington boots, and hiking boots
and football boots, and tennis trainers,
and going down the pub trainers, and trainers for going for a run,
A pair for every function.
Equipment and uniform.

Women have
A black pair, a brown pair, a cream pair, a red pair,
A high-heeled pair, a low-heeled pair, and flats,
Crocodile, suede and leather,
Everyday, fancy - for weddings,
and for popping to the shops,
Knee-high, shin high, toeless,
Gappy, strappy, flip-floppy, trotty,
For teetering and tottering,
Slip-slapping and smacking,
A pair for every outfit, climate and mood,
And every combination.

It’s always justified,
No-one denies

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